5 Fantastic Fall Destinations NOT to Miss
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August 30, 2017 / By Shyla Esko Bare

If back to school adverts have you thinking it is time to get back into traveling, here are some fantastic fall destinations to put on your bucket list.

  1. Vietnam
    MooncakeVietnam is a great destination year-round, but it is especially magical during the Mid-Autumn Festival – which is also known as the Mooncake or Children’s Festival, or the Vietnamese name of Tet Trung Thu. It is a bit like Thanksgiving and Halloween rolled into one. The purpose is to give thanks for the harvest so families come together to celebrate. Children dress up as lions to perform dances of blessings and fortune, and are given “lucky money” in return. These lion dances are truly amazing. The date for this event varies and is based on the full moon (October 4, 2017 and September 24, 2018).

  2. Germany
    OktoberfestMunich is famous for Oktoberfest, which actually starts in September (2017 – September 16 to October 3; 2018 – September 22 to October 7). This is a great time to visit, but do plan ahead as hotels book out well in advance. While in Germany, explore the rest of the country too, as summer crowds and temperatures have receded. The German countryside is especially beautiful with the fall foliage.

  3. Argentina
    Iguazu FallsOur fall is spring in the Southern hemisphere. An excellent time to visit Argentina. Summer crowds can fill transport making it hard to get around and winter weather can be cold. So, spring is a nice alternative. For instance, humidity and crowds are lower at Iguazu Falls than other times of the year. Plus, it is a great time to take in a game of football – soccer to Americans. The Argentine Primera Division plays September to May.

  4. New Zealand
    HobbitvilleIt is also spring in New Zealand – think spring flowers and little lambs. The South Island may be a bit cold, but the North Island is pleasant. You will also beat the summer throngs at Hobbiton, unless you go on September 22nd, which is International Hobbit Day. www.hobbitontours.com/en/

  5. France
    France FallFrance is a glow with color during the fall. It is a lovely time to walk through Paris, with leaves crunching under foot. Or drive into the hillsides for some truly magnificent views. And don’t forget grape harvest. It varies year to year, but is usually September to mid-November. You may even find an opening to pick grapes through the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). www.wwoof.fr/ More interested in drinking wine? Beaujolais Nouveau Day is when this new wine is released. It happens on the third Thursday of November and is marked with festivals and fireworks.

By Shyla Esko Bare
August 30,2017

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