Travel Tip Tuesday #17 Road trip to Oz?
Taking a trip to Australia – here’s a tip on getting around by car.
Read more...September 20, 2017
4 Tips for using Bank Machines Abroad
What you need to know to get money from ATMs abroad.
Read more...September 14, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday #16 Eating Healthy
Sometimes eating at restaurant after restaurant can be too much. So how do I eat healthy when traveling?
Read more...September 13, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday #15 Don’t Pack a Pest
Discover the correct source of information regarding the custom’s rules (as they do change
Read more...September 6, 2017
5 Fantastic Fall Destinations NOT to Miss
If back to school adverts have you thinking it is time to get back into traveling, here are some
Read more...August 30, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday #14 Secret to Avoiding ATM fees
Watch this video, and find out how Dan avoids paying ATM fees around the world.
Read more...August 23, 2017
Don’t Be Eclipsed by the New Way to Travel
To travel in today’s world, check out the 3 Tools You Must Have to Travel Today.
Read more...August 19, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday #13
Traveler’s Cheques
Traveler’s cheques used to be the way to travel… but in today’s world, do they make sense? Do they have a purpose?
Read more...August 15, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday #12
Road Signs Abroad
Prepare yourself before you drive abroad by learning which road signs are different than the one’s you know.
Read more...August 8, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday #11
TravelFish anyone?
Discover a boutique travel forum just for SE Asia – TravelFish.
Read more...August 1, 2017

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Very well organized & informative! Well worth an evening, the class is filled with wonderful tips & practical information.
— Carole, Vancouver, July 2017
Covered everything I wanted to know. Loved learning about new apps. Take it!
- Wendy, Vancouver, February 2017