Travel Tip Tuesday at Two – ZipLock Baggies
Shyla shares her secret to keeping her pack dry, orderly, and organized.
Read more...July 25, 2017
Discover Secrets to Packing Electronics
How should one pack electronics? What do I need to know about traveling with electronics?
Read more...July 21, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday at Two # 9
Are you a roller, or a folder? Which way is better? Find out how to keep your clothes wrinkle free in this quick tutorial.
Read more...July 18, 2017
Traveling with Prescriptions: What NOT to Do
In our travel classes, Dan and I regularly get asked what is the best way to pack prescriptions.
Read more...July 13, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday at Two # 8
In class, I challenge students to take their drivers license when they travel abroad – even if they do not plan on driving. Why?
Read more...July 13, 2017
Independence Days All Year Long
America just finished celebrating its independence day. But did you know that FIVE other countries also celebrate their independence day in July?
Read more...July 6, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday at Two # 7
Did you know there are multiple independence days in July around the world? Shyla shares where, and how to discover holidays around the world.
Read more...July 5, 2017
4 items to pack for hot climates
The heat can be hard, but I have learned ways to stay cool even when it is sizzling out.
Read more...June 30, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday at Two – #6
Shyla shares a great way to stay cool in very hot climates when traveling.
Read more...June 30, 2017
Travel Tip Tuesday at Two – #5
Learn how to be comfortable on airplanes, buses, trains and all sorts of transport by creating your own Comfort Kit.
Read more...June 20, 2017

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Dan & Shyla are exceptional instructors - very knowledgeable and personable. Questions were encouraged and well addressed. I learned a lot from this class and am interested in attending more.
— Margaret, Portland, Feb 2016
Before You Go is an absolute MUST for anyone planning to travel overseas. It was outstanding. So many valuable tips, and I liked the handouts. I have lived and traveled abroad for 14 years, so I feel that I'm an experienced traveler. That said, I learned lots of useful information.
— Roger, Tacoma, April 2016