International Travel Coaches – Shyla & Dan

Shyla Esko Bare and Dan Bare are intrepid travelers who journeyed continuously for seven years to over seventy countries. They had not planned to travel for so long, but after their first year they just could not stop.

As they went, the learned travel secrets that enabled them to travel smarter, safer and cheaper. Many of their travel secrets were learned the hard way (ask them sometime about being abandoned in the Sahara desert). Wanting to make travel easier for others, they founded Wild Spirit Travel in 2012.

Shyla and Dan now share their travel wisdom through a bestselling travel tip book, the Before You Go Abroad Handbook, college classes, travel talks at conferences, presentations to groups, private travel coaching, and the Travel Smart Strategies online travel tip video library.

One of their goals is to inspire travelers and to increase awareness of other cultures and traditions while focusing on the beautiful landscapes and incredible human-made facades that grace this planet. Through enriched cultural acceptance, Shyla and Dan believe there will be more tolerance and peace in the world.

Fun Facts…

  • Although they have both been to 75 countries – their lists are different
  • In addition to traveling, they have lived in Scotland, Australia, Thailand, and Mexico
  • They also rented apartments for long-stays in Tunisia, Bulgaria, and Argentina
  • They spent their first wedding anniversary at Killyleagh Castle in Northern Ireland. It was not until their 14th anniversary that they spent one in their home country, U.S.A.
  • Now living in Washington State, they love hosting other travelers through Servas International — an organization that promotes peace through travel
  • Shyla and Dan were in Montenegro on the day it became a country
  • They have booth gone bungee jumping; Dan in Las Vegas and Shyla in New Zealand
  • They both found airag (alcohol made from horse’s milk) in Mongolia horrible, but Dan rather liked mbege (banana beer) in Tanzania
  • While Dan decided to take a Thai massage course in Chiang Mai, Shyla went off on her own and ended up in a Pai Hospital with Dengue Fever (okay not fun at the time, but the story is hilarious)
Dan and Shyla in Vietnam

We are travel coaches – not travel agents. We do not book trips – rather – we teach you how to plan your own trip. If you are looking for help with reservations please go to our Recommended Resources page for names of some excellent Travel Advisors / Agents.