The History of Wild Spirit Travel

It started in Edinburgh, Scotland. Dan and Shyla had lived there for five years, that entire time dreaming of traveling the world. One rainy day, they decided to go for it or stop talking about it. Quitting their jobs and selling their stuff seemed crazy, but they felt it was finally now or never. So the went for it. In the course of the next seven years they traveled to over 70 countries and lived in Australia, Thailand and Mexico. It was a remarkable experience. While roaming the planet they learned a lot about how to travel, especially in terms of packing, safety, and finding the unique activity of each location that made their travels interesting and inspiring. This means they spent five-days crossing the Sahara in Tunisia; they saw the oldest mummies in the world, not in Egypt, but in Chile; they jungle trekked in Indonesia to see endangered orang-utans; they went to a local recommended restaurant in Rome where there were no menus and had one of the best meals of their lives; they got tribal permission to spend a week with Aboriginals in Western Australia; and, so much more!

Dan and Shyla are passionate about off-the-beaten-path locations and activities that really let them interact with indigenous people around the globe. The desire to enable and inspire others to full-fill their travel dreams is why they founded Wild Spirit Travel. It is a dynamic and fun travel company, with a goal of inspiring travelers, plus promoting world peace through travel and cultural awareness.

Wild Spirit Traveler DanChief Entrepreneurial Officer, Web King & World Culture Enthusiast
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Wild Spirit Traveler ShylaDirector of Sanuk, Queen Planner & World Traveller Extraordinaire
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The EskoBaresWhen Dan Bare married Shyla Esko the EskoBares were created. And what a worldly partnership it is.
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Great info using real experiences. Excellent even if you've traveled overseas in the past.
— Terrie, Vancouver, February 2018
Loved your stories of what you liked best. Personal experience is the best for me, not generic info that's in books. Take it, it will give you confidence!
— Tamara D, Vancouver, March 2018