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Dan Bare and Shyla Esko met at a friend’s party. They were introduced by Andy, who thought Shyla would find it funny that Dan has two different coloured eyes. Instead Shyla looked into Dan’s eyes and fell in love! They dated for just over a year, when Dan proposed Thanksgiving Day. Shyla quickly said yes and the engagement was announced to the family during the Thanksgiving meal. Dan and Shyla got married one year later – Thanksgiving weekend 2000.

Their plan was for their anniversary to always fall on a four-day weekend. But a few months after being married, Dan took a job in Edinburgh Scotland. They thought they might live abroad for a year, but have actually stayed outside of the States for eleven years, and counting. In eleven years of marriage they have only spent one wedding anniversary in the U.S.A. – and that was in Hawaii. Their other anniversaries were celebrated in Ireland, Scotland (twice), England, Kenya, The Netherlands, Australia, Peru, Thailand and Mexico. You can call it a worldly kind of love!

Together Dan and Shyla have been round-the-world more than 3 times. Actually, kilometer distance-wise, they have traveled 7 times round-the-world, but more up and down or back and forth then directly around. They do not travel in a straight line but journey to places that inspire them. Dan and Shyla are always looking for enriched cultural experiences and laugh-provoking adventures.

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