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Daniel Bare, Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, Web King & World Culture Enthusiast, has a Masters Diploma in Business and an expert knowledge of IT. Dan also has an entrepreneurial calling. He owned a successful computer consulting business for twenty years. Dan is motivated, determined and business-minded.

He travelled extensively with his consulting business – flying first class and eating out on expense accounts. However, his passion is cultural travel. He believes that staying in five-star resorts separates a person from the country. Dan prefers to meet locals and other travellers. He is not a “tourist” he is a passionate explorer, looking for adventure and the off-the-beaten path experiences that will introduce him to the real way of life in whatever country he is in.

Dan has been to 74 countries on six continents. He has also lived on four continents – Europe, Oceana, Asia & North America (in Mexico). Dan is a natural traveler as he is drawn to experiential travel yet he likes some luxuries while he is on the road, like strong coffee, fine wine, regular massages and an occasional resort stay. Dan continues to travel because he has an affinity for adventure and learning about the many unique cultures on our planet. He feels the planet is unique, precious, lovely, and amazing so he wants to see it, taste it, touch it, and embrace it.

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Good general / specific advice for travel in India. Felt like "I can manage this" when I left.
— Kathy, Vancouver, June 2017
Very informative & comprehensive for all travelers of different levels.
— Zita, Portland, November 2017