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Wild Spirit Traveler Shyla

Shyla Esko Bare, Director of Sanuk, Queen Planner & World Traveler Extraordinaire, has an MBA and eleven years of Human Resources experience. Shyla has a flair for public speaking, plus a background of running training sessions and planning corporate events. She is creative, organized and detail-oriented.

Shyla went on her first independent trip to Alaska when she was 15. At 20 she dropped out of University and flew to Australia where she learned the ropes of being an international backpacker. Years of backpacking travel, taught Shyla to live without a hairdryer and to pack light so she can run for a bus/train/canoe/camel in any country. Shyla has been to 73 countries and has lived in four since she left the States – Scotland, Australia, Thailand and Mexico. She has also continued her education and has both a BA in Business and an MBA with an emphasis on entrepreneurialship.

Sanuk is the Thai concept of “striving to achieve satisfaction and pleasure from whatever you do.” (Thaizer, 2007) Shyla loves to travel, but has been at it long enough to know it can be tough. She looks for the sanuk in any situation, which is why she can laugh at having had dengue fever in remote Thailand.

At forty, Shyla graduated from backpacking to flashpacking – as she now wants a bit more comfort while she travels. She still does not carry a hairdryer, but she does refuse to stay in dorms and prefers rooms with hot showers to a bucket and ladle. She continues to travel as it brings her energy and teaches her new ways to live and think. Shyla does believe travel can promote world peace as it enables people to understand others and to accept different ways of life.

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There were many, many great tips presented in a very organized fashion.
— Laurel, Portland, November 2017
Fast paced presentation. Covered so much, w/good references for follow-up later. Opportunities to ask specific questions, very relevant.
- Steven, Portland, January 2017