Wild Spirit Travel – live your travel dream, NOW!

Wild Spirit Travel is a company founded by travelers for people looking to turn their travel dreams into reality. It started after Shyla and Daniel Bare finished a seven-year around-the-world adventure. They had not planned to travel for so long, but after their first year they just could not stop. And as they went, the learned travel secrets that enabled them to travel smarter, safer and cheaper. This company was founded, in order to share these travel tips and tools with other travelers. Our travel secrets were honed through years of travel, some of them we had to learn the hard way. But you don’t have to. By attending a Wild Spirit Travel class or consulting with our Travel Coaches, you can get the travel secrets before you go.

We are travel coaches – not travel agents. We do not book trips – rather – we teach you how to plan your own trip.

Wild Spirit Travel is a fun-filled business. Travel should be an enjoyably rewarding experience, and the Wild Spirit Travel Team believes running a travel business should be that as well. One of our goals is to inspire travelers and to increase awareness of other cultures and traditions while focusing on the beautiful landscapes and incredible human-made facades that grace this planet. Through enriched cultural acceptance, Wild Spirit Travel feels that there will be more tolerance and peace through-out the world.