Private Coaching Sessions
Private Coaching Sessions Love our classes? But looking for some one-on-one or personal help?

We’ve introduced private coaching sessions for this very reason. We focus on your specific topics, so each session is customized to meet your needs.

A private coaching session is unlike a class, in that we don’t have a particular agenda of what we are going to teach. We focus on your specific topics & questions. Each session is completely customized to meet your needs and answer your questions.

Private coaching sessions are ideal for 1 to 4 people planning a trip together. The trip can be in the planning stages, or, it could be a trip already planned but you want more from that trip. Where ever you are in the stages of planning your trip, we can help make it a trip of a lifetime!

Sessions can be:
  • At our office in Vancouver Washington (downtown near Uptown Village),
  • a web-conference using your computer (with up to 4 attendees),
  • as a telephone conference,
  • or a mixture (you in person, and other attendee’s via phone or web-conference).

Session topics can include:
(50 min session select up to 3 / 80 min session select up to 5)

Budget Travel
Safety & Security
Finding Accommodation
Good Transport Options
Traveling with Technology
Visas & Documents
Travel Health & Insurance
What to Pack
Tourist faux-pas to avoid
Women’s travel issues
What to expect
Useful Travel apps
Destination Specifics
SIM Cards & smartphones

Private Coaching Pricing
  1. $90 for 50 minute session
  2. $125 for 80 minute session

How to book a session
  1. Step 1: Call +1 (360) 695-6513 to schedule your appointment.
  2. Step 2: Click here to pay for and to confirm your appointment.
  3. Step 3: You will be sent a questionnaire via email. Return it by email at least two days before your session. We do research based on your questionnaire topics, to prepare your session so that time spent will be most productive and time-effective.
  4. Step 4: Show up or call in, and be ready to plan the trip of your dreams!
Cancellation policy: Once you have scheduled your appointment, a questionnaire will be sent to you. We then research and prepare for your custom topics. Because of this preparation work, we cannot refund payments for no-shows, or cancellations. You can reschedule your appointment when done 48 hours before your appointment (as we block time from other scheduled activities for our session).