Remote Work in Paradise

The global pandemic may have closed a lot of doors, but it has also opened some. More people than ever before are working remotely. For many, that means in their home-office, or even their garage. But some people have used this time as an opportunity to work from paradise.

During this talk travel meetup we discussed:
· Moving abroad (to work, study, retire) for a few months or forever
· Countries welcoming foreigners with “work remote” visas
· Options for long-term accommodation and things to consider
· Long-term travel during a pandemic (and why it might be better than a weekend get-away)
· Ethical considerations of traveling to another country

We heard from travelers who have lived overseas.

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So helpful - a "must attend." Good info on new links for low cost flights, credit cards, and accommodation.
— Karen, Tualatin, October 2018
Before You Go is an absolute MUST for anyone planning to travel overseas. It was outstanding. So many valuable tips, and I liked the handouts. I have lived and traveled abroad for 14 years, so I feel that I'm an experienced traveler. That said, I learned lots of useful information.
— Roger, Tacoma, April 2016