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Whether you are traveling for two-weeks or two-years, knowing what to take with you to a new and exotic location is important. Traveling light is essential, but you don’t want to leave something important and vitally useful at home. Packing for a trip to a new and exotic location can be especially difficult. What about emergencies? What can you get there? What about extreme heat?

Packing for a trip can be an art – especially, if you are traveling for a long time or in different climates on the same journey. When Dan and Shyla set off on their first trip around the world (they have done three year-long trips around the globe, plus they have taken smaller journeys to exotic locals on six continents and they have lived on four continents in the last seven years) they had no idea what to pack. They looked for travel guides to help them out, but nothing seemed to give a complete HIS and HER listing as to what you should pack for a trip that will last a year and visit all six continents.

Dan and Shyla had to learn the hard way why one should pack a head-lamp and not a flash-light (think squat toilets at night.) They also had to throw away a number of items in the first month because their packs were just too heavy. Through trial and error, they have become master packers for global travel.

If you are preparing for a trip abroad, you will want to read their lists and get their insights on packing light but efficiently. There are certain things you simply must have, and yet it is vital that bags are light so you can run for a bus, train, ferry or camel when needed.

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Sign up today and get the list created from experience by authentic travelers. Then enjoy your trip with a lighter more efficient bag. Happy Travels

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