The Easy Way to Stay Organized when Traveling
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December 04, 2018 / By Shyla Esko Bare

As I prepare to leave on my next international trip next week, my mind is on packing. One of my secrets to packing smart is to use packing cubes. They really make a huge difference in keeping your stuff organized when traveling. Early in my traveling life, I discovered the importance of this. When I backpacked in Australia, I simply dumped everything in a duffle. My clothes got wrinkled, my toiletries got lost, and my towel regularly got everything wet as I would through it in damp after a shower on travel days. I was young and silly, and didn’t really care. But I have learned, that is no way to travel. It is much nicer to know where in my bag my things are and to trust that they are ready to wear when I pull them out.

Travel cubes are vital to making this happen. I use different colored ones, that way I know that, for instance all my knickers are in the blue one and my socks in the red. They keep me organized and actually save me time as it is easier to pack and unpack with them.

I use Eagle Creek travel cubes. I have had the same set for over 10 years – so, they pass the durability test. Another option are the packing cube set from Rick Steves. They are currently on sale – 20% through 12/13/18 or while supplies last. You can find them at the Rick Steves Store.

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By Shyla Esko Bare, 04-December-18 ©

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