Talk Travel – Eco-Challenge Fiji
Watched the latest “World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji”? Wonder what it would be like to participate in an extreme expedition race? Imagine, crossing mountains, jungles, and oceans with no modern technology for navigation. Instead of just imagining, hear from a participant. Eric Lillstrom, captain of Team Eagle Scouts, will share what it was like to […]
Read more...October 13, 2020
No Return Ticket
Author Andi Crockford does a reading and responds to listeners questions. Behind the scenes look at how this book was inspired. A two-year journey around the world: Learning to Live, Love, and Let Go This video was recorded in April 2020. Click on Video below to start.
Read more...October 8, 2020
Talk Travel: Travel Photography
Tips for Amazing Pics. Special guest speaker is professional photographer Melissa Kostelecky, of Abeona Photography. She fell in love with photography as a child while on a trip to Omaha. Years later she began to formally learn the craft and has been educated from New-space Center for Photography, as well as numerous workshops. Several of […]
Read more...July 28, 2020
Virtual Travel Pub Quiz – July
By popular demand, there will be a virtual Travel Pub Quiz in July! So, put on your thinking cap, pour yourself a pint, and pretend your in a British Pub. May’s winners were the “Quarantine Cruisers” and June went to “The Contrails.” On the night, we divide into teams – everyone gets to play. (If […]
Read more...June 30, 2020
How Long-Term Travel Prepared Me for Quarantine at Home
When Dan and I headed off on an around the world trip, we were a bit naïve to think it would be like any other vacation. But as weeks turned into months and years, we discovered long-term travel is different. It has unique challenges, blessings, and lessons. Some lessons learned–acceptance of other cultures, flair for […]
Read more...May 9, 2020
Talk Travel: Life Abroad During a Pandemic
Wondering what life is like right now in other countries? Some of our members are expats abroad, while others were traveling when borders closed. They will share what life abroad during a pandemic is like in Thailand, Portugal, South Africa and elsewhere. This meetup was recorded on Saturday morning May 2 at 9am PST. This […]
Read more...May 2, 2020
One Minute Vacation – Ireland
Click here to take a one minute vacation in Ireland. by Shyla Esko Bare, International Travel Coach, 25-March-2020 ©WildSpiritTravel
Read more...March 26, 2020
Travel Trends for a New Decade
It is the start of a new year. A great time to dream about travel and make plans to check destinations from your bucket list. Before you do, discover the trends that will impact travelers, not just this year, but into the new decade. Some trends may improve the travel experience, while others may contribute […]
Read more...March 5, 2020
2020 Top 12 Destinations (and a few bonus ones)
Wondering where to travel to this year? Check out the top 12 destinations for 2020. And since there are so many amazing options, I included a few bonus places. Happy travels…
Read more...February 11, 2020
Travel Smart when Traveling at Altitude
Traveling to Machu Picchu in Peru, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, or perhaps to Nepal? If so, take into account the altitude of the regions. For example, Cuzco has an altitude of 11,151 ft, which is more than twice as high as Denver, Colorado.
Read more...January 14, 2020

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