Check luggage size restrictions before every flight
June 12, 2019 / By Shyla Esko Bare Before you pack for a flight, make sure you check the luggage size and weight allowance for EVERY AIRLINE you are going to use on that trip. This is important for both checked and carry-on baggage. My Sister recently flew on Alaska Airline. A carry-on bag that […]
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When the obvious line – is the wrong one
April 09, 2019 / By Shyla Esko Bare Have you ever stood in the wrong line when traveling? I recently arrived at a bus station in Canada. I was early for my bus so took a seat. But as the time approached to leave, a line started to form in front of the only two […]
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Go Greyhound – it was better than I expected
March 30, 2019 / By Shyla Esko Bare Where have you traveled by long-distance bus? I have taken bus trips lasting a few hours to over a day in countries around the world. But it has been around 30 years since I have done so in my own country. Recently, I traveled from Vancouver Canada […]
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What’s New in Travel for 2019
January 28, 2019 / By Shyla Esko & Daniel Bare Every year, there are trends that impact travelers going abroad. Some makes things easier, while others cause challenges. On our recent seven-week trip through Asia we took notes on what was going on in travel, what affected us, as well as what other travelers told […]
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The Easy Way to Stay Organized when Traveling
December 04, 2018 / By Shyla Esko Bare As I prepare to leave on my next international trip next week, my mind is on packing. One of my secrets to packing smart is to use packing cubes. They really make a huge difference in keeping your stuff organized when traveling. Early in my traveling life, […]
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Black Friday vs Travel Deal Tuesday
November 20, 2018 / By Shyla Esko Bare Just when you thought Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday was enough, the travel industry has now taken over the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. They have christened it Travel Deal Tuesday. But should you really wait to buy everything on Travel Deal Tuesday? No, and here […]
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Research visas before you go.
I am preparing for a trip to the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. This week I plan to get my visas. Countries have different visa rules, requirements, and ways to apply. The place I go to see what I need to do before I travel is…
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Living Bolder Expo – FREE sponsored pass for Wild Spirit Travelers
If international travel is on your bucket list, drop by the Wild Spirit Travel booth to say hi, enter our raffle, and “Ask an Expert” your travel question. Dan and I will be on stage presenting “7 Secrets to Travel Smarter, Safer, and Cheaper for Boomers” at 11:30am.
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Why I Tossed My Towel (and what I travel with instead)
On my first international trip, I packed a regular beach towel. It filled up my bag and became heavier and heavier as I traveled around Australia. I finally ditched it. I have never gone overseas with a regular towel again. Instead, I travel with this…
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4 Things to do with Your New Passport
A new passport is a treasured item. With it anything in the world is possible! When it arrives, there are a few things a smart traveler should do.
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