When the obvious line – is the wrong one
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April 09, 2019 / By Shyla Esko Bare

Have you ever stood in the wrong line when traveling? I recently arrived at a bus station in Canada. I was early for my bus so took a seat. But as the time approached to leave, a line started to form in front of the only two buses around. Wanting to get a good seat, I followed the others and got in line. The bus was not for the company I had bought my ticket with, but I have traveled enough to know sometimes there is crossover of companies.

I have also traveled enough to know what is obvious, is not always correct.

As the time to go approached, but no drive appeared. I decided to check things out. I figured if needed I could talk my way back into the place in line I left. I had been listening to the conversations around me, and was sure the people in the line were taking the same bus I was, but still something did not feel right. So I got out of line and had a quick look around the side of the building – sure enough parked well out of view was a bus from the company I had made a reservation with. And at the bus was a driver. I showed him my ticket, and he told me I was in the right place. He also said it was lucky I got there as he was just about to leave. So I jumped aboard – but I told him of the other line. He walked to the end of the building and called out his bus info.

Yup, a bunch of those in line raced over to the bus.

When traveling, ask questions. I should not have simply got in the line with other travelers. Instead, I should have found a bus employee to ask where I needed to be. Luckily, this time it all worked out.

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By Shyla Esko Bare, April 09, 2019 ©www.WildSpiritTravel.com

Ever got in a line when traveling just because everyone else did to? I have, and nearly missed my bus! What to do instead... #TravelSmart Click To Tweet
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