Why I Tossed My Towel (and what I travel with instead)
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October 9, 2018 / By Shyla Esko Bare

On my first international trip, I packed a regular beach towel. It filled up my bag and became heavier and heavier as I traveled around Australia. It also got dingier and smellier. I was a backpacker and did not have a big laundry budget and cleaning this large towel kept costing money. It also took ages to dry. If I showered on a travel day, I had to put the wet towel in my pack. Everything about the large beach towel became a hassle. I finally ditched it. And, I have never gone overseas with a regular towel again.
Shyla feeding a kangaroo in Australia in 1990.

On my second international trip, I took a car shammy. Actually, I only took part of one, as I cut the one I bought in half. I figured if the entire shammy would dry a car, then I only needed part of one to dry me. I was right. It worked great and took up a fraction of the space in my pack. Plus, it dried quickly and was light-weight.

In today’s world, you can buy small microfiber towels labeled for travel instead of car care. My favorite is the Micronet Travel Towel from Rick Steves. This towel packs small and light – perfect for international travel. Want a washcloth when abroad? Get the travel washcloth 2-pack also from the Rick Steves online store. Micronet Travel Towel from Rick Steves store.


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By Shyla Esko Bare, 22-September-18 ©www.WildSpiritTravel.com

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