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Why People Love Wild Spirit Travel

We’ve Received Thousands of 5-star Reviews from Happy Travelers!

“Thanks Dan and Shyla for the confidence and knowledge to travel abroad. Your classes, book, and groups have been invaluable. Keep up the great work!”
Portland, Oregon
“It is always a treat to hear Shyla and Dan share their Travel Tips and useful travel information before you pack your bags and Go”
Portland, Oregon
“These guys know their stuff! They keep up on current trends and happily share their wealth of knowledge. I learned so much from them!!!”
Vancouver, Washington
“I really appreciate their videos with travel tips. I learned a lot from them about technology before a trip to Europe last summer. Thanks!”
Seattle, Washington
“Shyla and Dan do a great job organizing these meetups. Always inspiring!”
Portland, Oregon
“Feels like I always meet a kindred spirit at these meetings. Can't get enough of travel talk.”
Camas, Washington
“This was an excellent program. I never leave a Shyla and Dan event without some helpful knowledge and tools. ”
Portland, Oregon
“Great group of travelers, each who share unique travel insights for different countries all over the world.”
Portland, Oregon
“A very good group of like minded travel addicts who enjoy sharing their experiences and learning from others."
Canby, Oregon
“Good format, lively, nice opportunity to learn about travel from people who have done it.”
Portland, Oregon
“Great group! So glad you guys are doing this!”
Portland, Oregon
"I loved the interactive sharing amongst the group. I learned a lot and took many notes... I really enjoyed the discussion on learning social customs before arriving to your destination and taking care to learn some phrases or some language of the culture you are visiting."
Portland, Oregon
“Love this group. Saved me money and grief.”
Portland, Oregon
“[Wild Spirit Travel] shows the joy of travel and reveling in other cultures and ways.
Vancouver, Washington
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