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Travel Smarter, Safer, Cheaper for Travelers over 50This summer, we will be teaching Travel Smarter, Safer, Cheaper at Clark College. This 3-week series is designed for travelers over 50 and is through Clark’s Mature Learning department.
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Now on Amazon!The Before You Go Abroad Handbook: Over 127 Secret Tips & Tools for International Travel is available on Amazon in paperback or e-book. It is the first in our Trave Smart Strategies book series.
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Class SchedulesLearn Travel Smart Strategies in-person at classes and talks at Colleges and other venues. Discover where we will be teaching or speaking here.
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Smelling the Wine in New ZealandPublished: August 21, 2019Smelling the Wine in New ZealandAugust 21, 2019 / By Shyla Esko Bare Dan and I have been wine tasting around the world. It is something we really enjoy. One of our favorite places [...]
To Get a RailPass for Europe or Not – How To DecidePublished: August 6, 2019To Get a RailPass for Europe or Not – How To DecideAugust 06, 2019 / By Shyla Esko Bare When Dan first traveled to Europe in the 1980s, the Eurail pass was the way to go. However, it is no [...]
Planning to Rent-a-Car Abroad – Read this FirstPublished: July 16, 2019Planning to Rent-a-Car Abroad – Read this FirstJuly 16, 2019 / By Shyla Esko Bare Chatting to a fellow attendee at an aerobics class this past week, the topic went to her upcoming trip to Ireland, [...]

Want to know how to travel smarter, safer, and cheaper? You can, through our series of Travel Smart Strategies classes. Our classes, were created by Shyla & Dan Bare, who have traveled around-the-world for seven years. They have explored seventy-four countries on six continents. It is the accumulation of their travel knowledge that is the basis for the twenty different classes now available from Wild Spirit Travel. In the classes, they cover how to save money while traveling, safe travel strategies, and of course, how to have fun so you have the trip of your dreams!

Travel Smart Video Classes

Classes are taught in-person at local venues in the Pacific Northwest, including Portland Community College, Bellevue College, and Multnomah Athletic Club. If you can’t make it to a class don’t worry. They are also offered as video classes where you can take them when and where you want.

In addition to travel classes, Dan and Shyla share their passion for travel through informative and inspirational travel presentations. Their presentations convey enthusiasm, as they enthrall travel dreamers and seasoned travelers alike. Shyla and Dan have delighted audiences on three continents, giving talks that demystify the travel process while encouraging travel dreams. For more information, go to the services tab and choose public speaking.

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Magnificent class for anybody that travels abroad whether alone or in tour group.
— Libby, Vancouver, April 2019
I especially appreciate ideas for specific products and brands to pack - where to find them & why you prefer them or found a need for them. You two are amazing. Your classes are CHOCK FULL of excellent information. You are VERY generous with information & assistance!!!
— Janella, Portland, April 2018