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Your ticket to a year of outstanding travel events and connections.  Perfect for travelers that want to meet and learn from others. If purchased separately, would cost $100’s of dollars, but passholders get the programing and community access for less than a latte a month.

See description below for more.

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Are you ready to connect with other world travelers, share stories, learn from others on how to be a successful traveler?

It’s OK to pay for every event separately individually, but you’ll save a ton, which you can instead expand your travel budget by saving on these Wild Spirit Travel events.  And as a Passholder, you’ll also never miss an event,  because you’ll be informed about them in your monthly Wild Spirit Travel Newsletter which includes valuable travel tips, and a monthly calendar email.

The Global Traveler Pass is your ticket to your outstanding events and connections.  Because with this pass, you can attend these Wild Spirit Travel events.

  • Traveler Socials
  • Travel Talk Presentations
  • Destination Discussions

And as a bonus, Travel Passholders get a discount on Travel Q&A events, classes, workshops, and coaching.

We have held over 200 traveler socials, travel talks, and destination discussions in the greater Portland area since we started in 2014. They are designed with travelers in mind–as they are packed with travel hacks and include time to interact with fellow travelers. The focus is fun, informative, and inspirational. Here is some info on the different events…

  • Traveler Socials are all about people chatting about trips past and present with each other. There is no speaker, just a group of travelers and travel dreamers all sharing with each other. Great place to ask questions, share stories, and learn tips for travel. Also a good way to meet travel buddies. These events are primarily in the greater Portland, OR, area. However, a few each year are virtual, and we hope to host some in other cities as well.
  • Travel Talk Presentations have a speaker, panel, or a moderator. They cover a broad array of how-to travel topics such as: budget travel, solo travel, living abroad, planning an around the world trip, travel apps, women travel secrets, and more. These may be virtual or IRL (in real life) events. It depends on the topic and speaker location. When possible, we record the talks (replays are a perk of the VIP pass).
  • Destination Discussions, as the name implies, are about a specific place. These may have a speaker who is an expert on the destination, or be a moderated group discussion. Virtual venues are often best for these, especially if we have a local sharing from abroad. Again, when possible, we record the talks (replays are a perk of the VIP pass).

Each month there will be 1 or 2 virtual events and 1 or 2 in-person events. That means of the 30+ events a year, at least 12 will be virtual and at least 12 will be IRL.

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